Saturday, July 29, 2006

My 25th Class Reunion--A story
Everyone was lost but no one seemed to care. We were late getting to a party in Lemoore, CA. Chuck our limo driver seemed to be high on life or something and he kept talking and talking. The directions I had didn't include two left turns so we were headed in the wrong direction. I didn’t want to squelch the fun everyone was having so I didn’t mention it. I was stoked by the thought that I was back at the 25 year class reunion and I got to spend time with Lorene again. I was always attracted to her long brunette hair and big heart. It was Saturday night and the party started at 7 and it was going on 8. All of a sudden Chuck said, “I think I have a flat tire. It must be the squirrel I hit two miles back. Sometimes they swallow nails and when you run over them it can give you a flat tire. Just make yourself at home. I have a couple of Ayn Rand books in the glove box.” While he was changing the tire, reading was not what I had in mind after not seeing Lorene in 25 years. I wanted to catch up on old times and maybe just discuss how she felt about philosophy and religion…

Saturday, July 22, 2006

A child about to be born wants to be briefed on what to expect:
The people on this planet can be very interesting and entertaining. They can be loving and generous or cranky and mean. They can be warm or cold, happy or sad blah, blah, blah. Just spend more time with women than men and learn from them or get a dog. Go to Disneyland often, eat as much ice cream as your mom with let you, and when you get older have kids,play with them and tell them stories. Read a lot and watch television a little. It is worth it being here.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Sometimes I can be very indecisive. I like to blame it on my astrological sign. I’m Pisces in Western Astrology and Tiger in Chinese Astrology. Both are indecisive. One thing I am very decisive about is the fact that I would rather be a Tiger than a fish but I digress. Much of the time I have trouble making a decision. I came across a technique the other day that I find very intriguing and it seems to work. The book is called “The Purpose of Your Life.” On page 164 you’ll find Force the Question with a Coin Toss. Basically the technique is to decide on a question and then decide if heads is yes and tails is no or vice versa. You then flip the coin three times and see how you feel about the results. What does your intuition tell you? For example my question was should I go to on vacation in August. I got 3 yeses and I felt very good about it. I’m going on vacation in August. Other questions led me to: I’m not getting married anytime soon. I need to write more and I like myself. I like the technique and I would recommend it to anyone who is indecisive, wants to develop intuition, or lives in California…

Monday, July 03, 2006

If I was retired with not much to do this is what I would imagine my To Do List would look like:
1. Get up by 8 AM.—eat oatmeal for breakfast
2. Talk to cat about my day and global warming
3. Read San Diego Union and work the crossword puzzle.
4. Watch the “Price Is Right”
5. Watch for mailman and pick up mail when delivered.
6. Call Bob (limit 15 minutes)
7. Email Pastor John with comments on his music selections and sermon.
8. Go to the bank and get twenty dollars.
9. Eat Lunch
10. Clip toenails
11. Listen to Padre afternoon game on the radio.
12. Play solitaire.
13. Watch “The Young and the Restless.”
14. Call Mayor’s office to complain about street parking.
15. Watch “Oprah”
16. Eat Dinner
17. Watch “Wheel of Fortune” followed by “Jeopardy”.
18. Read “AARP” magazine.
19. Go to bed by 9 pm
My kitchen blender has been talking to me. I know it seems strange but here’s what he’s been saying to me: “Why don’t you try some variety in your life? I’m tired of making the same old protein drink. Haven’t you heard that variety is the spice of life? Bananas would be nice once in awhile--much softer than the cucumbers I blend up. That would give me a break and you some VARIETY. I’m not trying to be mean here. I like you and want you to be healthy. You’re not getting any younger and I know how it would feel to be replaced by a younger model. You are a vegetarian. Are you getting enough protein? All I’m saying is that you could add a little more protein to your protein drink. Don’t be so frugal man and give the living room fan a break once in awhile…"