Wednesday, December 20, 2006

2006 Christmas Letter
Dear Family and Friends,
2006 was a pretty good year. I continued to work at A.G. Edwards and most of the time I get along well with others working there. I’m still doing comedy and once again I had a few “dry spells” when the audience was wondering “is this comedy or poetry?” I tried doing affirmations before going onstage: “Jim you are a great comedian, the crowd is with you, the women love you, and you are a sex symbol” and that seemed to help.
In October I went to Park City, Utah for a week with Shauna. We are still getting along well but I fear that she doesn’t know me that well. We took a day trip to Sundance, Utah but didn’t get to see Robert Redford but Utah is beautiful!
In November I got a really bad cold and Mike at work wanted me to wear one of those bird flu masks but I refused. I hate being a vegetarian and getting sick. People at work are always saying, “If you only ate meat you wouldn’t get sick.” Then I remember what the famous vegetarian Gandhi used to say, “bullsh-- everyone gets sick,” so I felt better.
Just a couple of weeks ago I was playing basketball and afterwards went to my car to get a dollar for a bottle of water. To my shock my wallet and checkbook were stolen. I quickly called the credit union to cancel my debit card and checks. Afterward I was giving Doug from my office a ride back to his repaired car and he “found” my checkbook in the cup holder where I must have left it. When I got back to my office I also found my “lost” wallet. It was a miracle. My sister Marilyn reminds me that we have dementia in our family so I have been taking Vitamin E, ginkgo biloba, and working crossword puzzles. Ellen DeGeneres says that if you can remember to take ginkgo biloba you probably don’t need it.
Hope you all have a healthy and prosperous 2007 and please help support Mountain Gorilla Habitat…Love ya, Jim