Saturday, November 18, 2006

Talking To MYSELF...I find myself talking to myself alot. I live alone so sometimes I do it for hours at a time. Philosophy, religion, Michael Jackson--it doesn't matter. I even critique my housekeeping skills. "I really think you should clean this place up once in awhile." I find that I am a very good listener and I always pay attention and enunciate. Because practicing good communication skills is important, even when you're talking to yourself...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Getting A Cold
I have been fighting a cold this week and the cold has been kicking my butt. I stayed home from work part of Tuesday and all of Wednesday. One guy at work wanted me to wear one of those Asian bird flu masks that are so popular now. I refused because I couldn’t breathe that well and thought that I might die. He’s a carnivore that gloated about my cold misfortune. As a vegetarian it's hard to admit that I have poor health. Some people say, "If you ate some meat you wouldn't get sick". That’s when I remember what the famous vegetarian Gandhi used to say, “Bullshit”. “Everyone gets colds”. I know plenty of meat eaters who also get sick. I went the health food store and got oregano oil, odorless garlic, zinc caps, and something called Vita Biotic. After taking all of the above for a week I feel much better so I feel that I beat the cold. At least I didn’t die….