Saturday, May 19, 2012

Can’t take my Eyes Off of You A few years ago I took my future wife to see the “Jersey Boys” in La Jolla as a surprise date. I liked the fact that she loved it and had a good time. Most of all I liked getting points. Points apparently is a system made up by women that men get if they do something really good especially if it is an unexpected surprise. Those points carried me for a long time. I loved getting the points. We were in Las Vegas two years ago. “Jersey Boys” was in town and we decided to go again for Shauna’s birthday. Again I got more points!! I loved getting more points. I feel that the points system is very subjective but overall it’s a fair system. I been thinking lately that I will start cooking and I’m sure I would big points for that…

Sunday, May 13, 2012

People sometimes stare…My Mom always told me that it’s rude so I really try not to stare. I glance at people for short periods of time but then I look away. How can you help not staring at some people? They look so interesting. What are people thinking when they get dressed in the morning? What kind of styles are those? What about the virtues of grooming? Do people use combs or brushes anymore? It’s so easy to stare at people and wonder, what were you thinking this morning? It’s an interesting part of life. Mom suggested not staring, “because you might get beat up.” Very practical advice from Mom but sometimes I can’t help myself.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Many times in my life I say, “I AM SO STRESSED” or “I think that my work is so stressful that I get used to it. Most of the time I don’t even notice it because stress is with me all the time. Sometimes when I’m stressed I get a stupid sore on my tongue and then I go around talking funny. It sounds something like “I’m stwested.”= “I’m stressed.” People look at me like I’m Twitty Bird. It’s a temporary speech impediment that will leave once I’m not stwested anymore. Sometimes supplements help. I take B Stress vitamins which are supposed to relieve stress. They work most of the time. I mostly have to remember that stress is my friend and it gets me moving in my life.