Sunday, December 18, 2011

Baby Boomers—we had huge potential to change the world but we mostly settled for buying stuff. I’m sorry that we spent all the money. Most Boomers in Congress seem to argue all the time and don’t seem to be willing to compromise about anything. We made progress in social acceptance and that is big but overall most baby boomers seem to be greedy and arrogant except me of course. I’m a loving, accepting, open minded baby boomer. There are about 25 in the state and less than 2000 in the country. Most live in Wisconsin where it is not polite to be greedy or arrogant. They were mostly raised by packs of wolves and it was hard to replicate that experiment. If only I was born 5 years earlier I would not have to put up with this baby boomer burden. I would be happily collecting my social security check by now and playing golf every day.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

“On Writing” Lately I have been listening to “On Writing-A memoir of the Craft” on CD by Stephen King. I have never read one of his novels or seen any of the movies based on his books. The previews for his movies scare me and I hate to be scared. I know that this ruins my macho image but most of my friends ask, “What macho image”? Mr. King knows his stuff and is a former Maine English teacher. He seems very down to earth for a guy with a $400 million net worth (according to one online website.) He is an excellent storyteller and I can see why he is a best selling author. I liked his stories about growing up in Maine. His advice for writers is to read and write every day. He said that much of his success is from having two different ideas come together and then asking “What if?” I would recommend Stephen King’s book or audio book to any aspiring writer. I liked him and think he would be an interesting neighbor or uncle to someone as long as you didn’t mind being scared.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

I’m a vegetarian. I started in 1972 when I read the book, “Diet for a Small Planet”. I had 3 roommates who started at the same time that I did. They only lasted a couple of months. I continued on. It always gave me great satisfaction that I had the discipline to stay with it for so many years. I mostly do it for the attention. When I go into a restaurant I feel special when I tell the waitress that I’m vegetarian and don’t eat meat. It always takes longer to give my order. I hope that she doesn’t take it out on me in the kitchen somehow sabotaging my food. Most of my friends and family are carnivores. People are always giving me a hard time and saying things like “vegetarian is an Indian term that means lousy hunter” or “how many vegetarians does it take to screw in a light bulb?” “I don’t know but where do you get your protein?” “You look weak, are you getting enough nourishment?” I always answer that one with, what about the apes they’re vegetarians and are really strong. I really don’t like vegetarians that much. I think that they are much too pale and weird for me. I’m happy that I am one because more people can eat if we eat lower on the food chain even if we are all more pale and weird.