Monday, July 03, 2006

If I was retired with not much to do this is what I would imagine my To Do List would look like:
1. Get up by 8 AM.—eat oatmeal for breakfast
2. Talk to cat about my day and global warming
3. Read San Diego Union and work the crossword puzzle.
4. Watch the “Price Is Right”
5. Watch for mailman and pick up mail when delivered.
6. Call Bob (limit 15 minutes)
7. Email Pastor John with comments on his music selections and sermon.
8. Go to the bank and get twenty dollars.
9. Eat Lunch
10. Clip toenails
11. Listen to Padre afternoon game on the radio.
12. Play solitaire.
13. Watch “The Young and the Restless.”
14. Call Mayor’s office to complain about street parking.
15. Watch “Oprah”
16. Eat Dinner
17. Watch “Wheel of Fortune” followed by “Jeopardy”.
18. Read “AARP” magazine.
19. Go to bed by 9 pm


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