Monday, January 29, 2007

My first car was actually a truck, a bright yellow 1953 International Harvester pickup that my father bought for me when I was a senior in high school. It had belonged to the custodian at the high school who committed suicide. It was rumored that he killed himself on the baseball field because he was tired of getting the field ready for the games. The truck was somewhat “tainted” so my dad got a good deal for $300. I had to pay for getting the truck painted and fixed up. I was working for my uncle at the time who owned a car dealership in town. I was the car washer. His body shop guy “volunteered” to paint the truck for me on a Saturday if I provided him with the paint and two six packs of Budweiser. He did a great job painting the truck blue, my favorite color, but after awhile was to drunk to go on; but most of the truck looked great except for the part he couldn’t get to. About the only passengers that I got to ride with me that year were my sister Marilyn and her friend Paula. They didn’t care about a “tainted” truck they wanted a ride to school...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Basketball--Every Wednesday I play basketball with five other people most of us are over 50. Sometimes younger players come to the gym and play with us. Then in the morning after the review of the previous day’s action we come up with reasons for the fall of Western Civilization. The big reason is selfish basketball players that don’t give a hoot about teamwork. They have one thing on their minds like most guys their age; scoring. They shoot, shoot, shoot. Who needs to pass? Their heroes are the tattooed felon, have children with their girlfriend, multimillionaire, run and gun NBA players. They have never learned that there is no I in team….

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Aunt Gladys—When I was growing up my mom had an Aunt Gladys. She was a widow with one grown daughter so she lived alone. I think because of this she was somewhat bossy. Maybe she even told herself what to do. When we were in a room of our house laughing, playing and having fun Aunt Gladys would say, “you kids keep it down in there you’re getting to loud.” Most of the time we would stop because we didn’t want a MAD Aunt Gladys. What my parents should have done is asked Aunt Gladys to go home. Playing, laughing, and having fun is what kids are supposed to do. Now that I’m getting older sometimes I worry that I’m becoming like Aunt Gladys. When kids are laughing and playing I want to say, “Hey keep it down in there were kids born in a barn”, but then I remember Aunt Gladys and don’t say anything….

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Is the gift for Christmas or for Hanukkah? I was in a store during the holidays and heard this question. Most of my friends celebrate Christmas. I’m not even sure how to spell Hanakah. Is it Hanakeh or Hanakak? I have a feeling it is neither. I just realized I’m 56 years old and I’ve never bought a Hanukkah gift. Maybe I need more friends from different cultures. I have never bought a gift for a Hindu, Moslem, or Buddhist. I do however know a Buddhist. He is a converted Christian who is now a Buddhist. Does that count? I never bought him a gift either. I love trying different cultural dinners. Maybe I should start meeting the people that make the dinners…

Saturday, January 06, 2007

New York trip a story--I once met a French woman named Monique on a weekend trip to New York. She was a very simple woman who was the survivor of a shopping spree at Macy’s that she won on the French Wheel of Fortune. The only problem was that it was during Christmas week. She found that the key to shopping at Macy’s was to act like a Greedy American with a vanishing bank account. Her favorite purchases were for the I pods she bought for three guys she was dating back in France. “They are dogs”, she said “like most French men trying to pick up women like it is a garden.” “One night they are with a carrot, the next night a stalk of celery and they treat women that way.” Monique was very flighty yet much grounded at the same time. I was attracted to her and we laughed and kissed and it was an awesome weekend. I loved it!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Are you Christian or Buddhist? I recently went to visit my family for Christmas vacation. One night we went to have Thai food. Most of the waiters and people working in the restaurant are Buddhists. Most of the Buddhists I know seem to be more Christian than most Christians i.e. more compassionate, loving, and caring people. Maybe they should be the ones celebrating Christmas and getting all the presents. Would that make them Christians and not Buddhists though? These are some of the questions that I ponder…