Saturday, July 29, 2006

My 25th Class Reunion--A story
Everyone was lost but no one seemed to care. We were late getting to a party in Lemoore, CA. Chuck our limo driver seemed to be high on life or something and he kept talking and talking. The directions I had didn't include two left turns so we were headed in the wrong direction. I didn’t want to squelch the fun everyone was having so I didn’t mention it. I was stoked by the thought that I was back at the 25 year class reunion and I got to spend time with Lorene again. I was always attracted to her long brunette hair and big heart. It was Saturday night and the party started at 7 and it was going on 8. All of a sudden Chuck said, “I think I have a flat tire. It must be the squirrel I hit two miles back. Sometimes they swallow nails and when you run over them it can give you a flat tire. Just make yourself at home. I have a couple of Ayn Rand books in the glove box.” While he was changing the tire, reading was not what I had in mind after not seeing Lorene in 25 years. I wanted to catch up on old times and maybe just discuss how she felt about philosophy and religion…


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