Sunday, December 11, 2011

“On Writing” Lately I have been listening to “On Writing-A memoir of the Craft” on CD by Stephen King. I have never read one of his novels or seen any of the movies based on his books. The previews for his movies scare me and I hate to be scared. I know that this ruins my macho image but most of my friends ask, “What macho image”? Mr. King knows his stuff and is a former Maine English teacher. He seems very down to earth for a guy with a $400 million net worth (according to one online website.) He is an excellent storyteller and I can see why he is a best selling author. I liked his stories about growing up in Maine. His advice for writers is to read and write every day. He said that much of his success is from having two different ideas come together and then asking “What if?” I would recommend Stephen King’s book or audio book to any aspiring writer. I liked him and think he would be an interesting neighbor or uncle to someone as long as you didn’t mind being scared.


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