Sunday, December 18, 2011

Baby Boomers—we had huge potential to change the world but we mostly settled for buying stuff. I’m sorry that we spent all the money. Most Boomers in Congress seem to argue all the time and don’t seem to be willing to compromise about anything. We made progress in social acceptance and that is big but overall most baby boomers seem to be greedy and arrogant except me of course. I’m a loving, accepting, open minded baby boomer. There are about 25 in the state and less than 2000 in the country. Most live in Wisconsin where it is not polite to be greedy or arrogant. They were mostly raised by packs of wolves and it was hard to replicate that experiment. If only I was born 5 years earlier I would not have to put up with this baby boomer burden. I would be happily collecting my social security check by now and playing golf every day.


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