Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Basketball--Every Wednesday I play basketball with five other people most of us are over 50. Sometimes younger players come to the gym and play with us. Then in the morning after the review of the previous day’s action we come up with reasons for the fall of Western Civilization. The big reason is selfish basketball players that don’t give a hoot about teamwork. They have one thing on their minds like most guys their age; scoring. They shoot, shoot, shoot. Who needs to pass? Their heroes are the tattooed felon, have children with their girlfriend, multimillionaire, run and gun NBA players. They have never learned that there is no I in team….


Blogger Shrinking Wop said...


That's a good premise. The idea of 50 something year olds playing against young punks and why they play.

I would come with the "heroes" of the 50 plus group.

You know, heroes like, "Ben Gay".
So I would rewrite it like this:

"Their heroes are tattooed felon, have children with their girlfriend and multimillionare dickhead. Unlike our heroes. Which by the end of the game came down to "Ben Gay"."

Something like that.

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