Sunday, January 21, 2007

Aunt Gladys—When I was growing up my mom had an Aunt Gladys. She was a widow with one grown daughter so she lived alone. I think because of this she was somewhat bossy. Maybe she even told herself what to do. When we were in a room of our house laughing, playing and having fun Aunt Gladys would say, “you kids keep it down in there you’re getting to loud.” Most of the time we would stop because we didn’t want a MAD Aunt Gladys. What my parents should have done is asked Aunt Gladys to go home. Playing, laughing, and having fun is what kids are supposed to do. Now that I’m getting older sometimes I worry that I’m becoming like Aunt Gladys. When kids are laughing and playing I want to say, “Hey keep it down in there were kids born in a barn”, but then I remember Aunt Gladys and don’t say anything….


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