Saturday, January 06, 2007

New York trip a story--I once met a French woman named Monique on a weekend trip to New York. She was a very simple woman who was the survivor of a shopping spree at Macy’s that she won on the French Wheel of Fortune. The only problem was that it was during Christmas week. She found that the key to shopping at Macy’s was to act like a Greedy American with a vanishing bank account. Her favorite purchases were for the I pods she bought for three guys she was dating back in France. “They are dogs”, she said “like most French men trying to pick up women like it is a garden.” “One night they are with a carrot, the next night a stalk of celery and they treat women that way.” Monique was very flighty yet much grounded at the same time. I was attracted to her and we laughed and kissed and it was an awesome weekend. I loved it!


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