Sunday, September 17, 2006

This is a list of the jobs that I’ve had in my work life: car washer, cantaloupe picker, assistant cottage cheese maker, doorman at a hotel, meditation teacher, real estate agent, financial consultant, and comedian. The things I notice about my list is that it is a short list, I do things mostly with other people, with the exception of picking cantaloupes which I hated (I still hate the taste of cantaloupes), and I have mostly worked inside. I tend to work in sales even comedy you have to “sell” your material to the audience. Being a mediation teacher I consider my free love/hippie days. Real estate sales and financial consultant are my grown up make a living days. I would love to make my living as a comedian but I’ve only made $350 at it in ten years of doing it. It seems that it’s really just a hobby Jim. Sometimes I still have an audience stare at me wondering is that guy doing comedy or was that poetry---washing cars on the other hand is something I can always do and get a real sense of satisfaction from and a clean car…


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