Monday, June 19, 2006

Adult vs. Inner Child
For many years I had problems between the Adult and Inner child parts of me. They would fight and I felt constantly tortured. My Inner Child, Jimi, would want to have fun and play. James on the other hand was the serious Adult part of me. Jimi used to take care of the money and James would just go to work and stay long hours at stressful jobs. James was very impatient and would not let Jimi out to play especially at work. Jimi on the other hand was put in charge of my finances and he wanted everything now new clothes, dinners out, going to lots of movies, plays, and baseball games. I was deeply in debt and very confused. I didn’t know if my Inner Child was a spoiled brat or an abused child that I ignored.
Finally I decided to go to therapy over this and what I learned after several years was to have balance in life. James was put in charge of the money and over a period of years I paid off the debt. Now Jimi is allowed to come to work and I have a much better time there. He still gets to play but now it is basketball and standup comedy.
Now I live more in balance in my life and go by Jim and of course I still live in California…


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