Monday, May 22, 2006

Being a vegetarian can be tough sometimes. When I go to lunch with friends from work they give me a hard time. “Jim you want some tree bark or Jim are you sure you’re getting enough protein or Jim vegetarian is an Indian term meaning lousy hunter.” If I wasn’t so weak from being a vegetarian I would kick their butts. What about the idea that more people can eat if we eat lower on the food chain or the vegetarian diet is healthier and that you will live longer. My theory is that most vegetarians do it for the attention. It takes longer to order = more attention. “Is there lard in the beans?” “Does the soup have chicken broth?” “Any diary in the guacamole?” All of these I feel are pathetic cries for attention. I’m a vegetarian but I would never date one. They’re all much too pale and weird for me…


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