Monday, May 29, 2006

Grandma Esta
When I was ten years old my grandfather died and my uncle had the idea that my cousins and I would take turns staying with Grandma Esta. At first I didn’t like the idea. I guess I don’t like change. I grew though to like the idea. We would watch the Today show on television and Grandma Esta was always interested in the weather in Arkansas where she grew up. She said that one of her goals before she died was to see all 50 states. She didn’t make to all 50 states so now that has become my goal. She was a great storyteller. She once told me this story: She had two brothers; Dee and Luis who went with their dad to hunt for the family turkey on Thanksgiving Day. They spread out and Dee saw a big turkey in the bushes. He raised his gun and shot. He ran over with his dad to where the turkey was. They looked down and saw not the turkey but Luis and Grandpa Fowler said, “Dee you shot Luis.” It turned out to be just a flesh wound and Luis was okay. Later in the day they shot a turkey and the family had a good Thanksgiving meal…


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