Sunday, May 07, 2006

Buddha and Baseball
My grandfather once told me a baseball story. While living in a small mountain community in 1938 in Utah my grandfather played on a local baseball team. In those days it was hard to find team sponsorship but in the Salt Lake area there was a small Buddhist temple that agreed to sponsor the team and there were several Buddhists on the team. The players wore hats with small fountains on them and the logo on the front of their jersey said, “You can grapple with the vibes of other spiritual groups or join the force of goodness of Buddha.” The players that were recruited for the team were big and there were several home run hitters on the team. The players were very ethereal and meditated 5 minutes between innings which made the other team angry since they would have to wait. Because of this my grandfather’s team had an undefeated season. I asked my father about this and his only comment was “sometimes your grandfather makes stuff up”…


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