Sunday, April 02, 2006

“Going to the DMV”
Recently I had a birthday and realized that my driver’s license had expired. I called the DMV to see if I had to take the driver’s license written test and the guy on the phone said that I would. He made an appointment for me to take it Friday morning at 9 am. I thought this was fair since the last two times I had renewed my license by mail. I thought that I better study since the last time I missed 5 on the test without studying. I think that missing 6 is not passing. I decided to get a copy of the DMV Study Guide which I picked up Wednesday afternoon. I used all my spare time to study over the next 2 days. I learned that 65 is the maximum speed unless 70 is posted,(65 seems to be more like a suggestion to most people), never pass if you have a solid yellow line on your side, and always stop if the school bus has its lights flashing. They gave me an application to fill out and I paid my $26 and I was ready to take my test. The lady processed my application and check and said “go get your picture taken.” “Don’t I have to take the test?” “No”. “But the guy on the phone said I did.” “He’s wrong”. As I got my picture taken I thought I’m a safer driver so maybe these DMV people do know what they are doing…


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