Monday, April 17, 2006

Club Fred
Four years ago I went to Club Fred in Fresno. It is a bar/club where they have a stage for local entertainers to perform. It’s called Club Fred because they have pictures of guys named Fred on the wall: Fred Astaire, Fred Mertz (Ricky and Lucy’s neighbor) Freddie Prenze, Freddie Fender, Fred Flintstone, et al. You get the idea. It was an interesting place. It reminded me that the only Fred I knew personally was my grandfather Fred Walker. He’s not on the wall at Club Fred but I think he should be. He was married five times. His first two wives died but with the next three he had “problems” and got a divorce from each. The last lady he married turned out to be a witch that lived in Fresno. When they got a divorce she put a curse on him and he died a year later…coincidence? I don’t think so…


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