Sunday, November 11, 2007

Last week I got my car washed at one of those car wash places. I always hate when the guy asks me which car wash I want and I say just give me the “regular” car wash which is $10.95. Then he says, “how about a hand wash for $29.95”. Then I have to think do I want my car hand washed for $19.00 more. I say no “I’ll take the regular car wash”, the one that goes through your washing machine and scratches the sides of my car for $19.00 less and he says, “okay fine” but he looks at me like I’m a cheap loser that can’t afford the extra $19.00. When my car gets to the end and is dried off I give the people a $2.00 tip. They seem happy and seem to know that if everyone got hand washed it’s a slower process and they wouldn’t get as many tips. At least that’s the way that I rationalize getting the regular car wash…


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