Thursday, November 01, 2007

I have been reading Paula Poundstone’s book and I found a couple of typos in the book. I can’t imagine that she would publish the book with typos. She is very rebellious and it could be that she put in typos to see if people were paying attention. I really like the book but I must say that I felt better about myself when I found the typos. It was like discovering that even though Paula Poundstone is a very funny comedian she still makes typing errors. She probably had someone type the book and maybe she didn’t enunciate well or maybe the typist was mad at her. Whatever the reason I found 2 typos. I haven’t ever heard her do comedy but a couple of people told me “she’s good”. She may be funny but I think she needs a better proof reader. I felt sorry for her because it says in the book that she’s a million dollars in debt. I shouldn’t be so hard on her because sometimes I make typing errors….


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