Sunday, September 23, 2007

My hair is going gray but I refuse to dye it. I seem to have more gray hair than black which was my “natural color.” My eyebrows are still black. They are just as black now as when I was in high school. I wonder if people think that I must be dying my eyebrows. That would be so STRANGE for someone to just dye their eyebrows and not the rest of their hair. Now I’m worried that people think that I’m strange and that I’m dying them. Maybe I need to eyebrows gray to match the rest of my hair so that people won’t think that I’m strange. Having these thoughts people could be right. Maybe I am strange….


Blogger Michael said...

Now I had to go check in the mirror to see if my eyebrows are getting grey as well as my temples.

No still dark.

I have a few white strands of hair among the hair on my chest, wife won't let me pluck them as she thinks it is sexy.

5:20 PM  

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