Saturday, March 11, 2006

“The Blob” was the first scary movie that I ever saw (Steve McQueen—1958). It seemed so real because I was only 8 years old when I went. To me at that age a rolling glob of rubberized cookie dough made a lot of sense and I was scared. It was swallowing people all over the place and getting bigger and bigger. It must have affected me deeply because I sometimes still worry the Blob will come up through the shower drain and grab my ankle when I’m taking a shower. I especially worry about this when I’m washing my hair and can’t see to well. I always think about my escape--to run to the freezer to get some ice (Blobs hate ice). I also worry if my neighbors would save me if the Blob grabbed both of my ankles and I was unable to run. It might be hard for me to yell out to them to “break down the door; a Blob has me by the ankles and is moving up my legs BRING ICE”. With my luck the neighbors would bring rice and I would be a goner. Do I have the nerve to talk to my neighbors now about a neighborhood Blob watch…?


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