Saturday, January 28, 2006

My 2005 Christmas Letter

Dear Friends,

It was another good year in 2005 for Jim. I have continued to go to therapy and I have made some progress on my many childhood issues that I wrote about in previous Christmas letters. My three office plants had another good year but my therapist doesn’t feel that I’m ready for a pet. I’m still working as a stock broker and the market was pretty flat during 2005. At times I felt like a broke stocker. I’m still doing comedy and had a 2 month slump during the summer. People looked at me as if I was doing poetry.
In my extended family only 2 relatives went to jail this year. My cousin Bob is in Norco. No Disneyland Bob says. Cousin Barbara had her son end up in Leavenworth. His is a federal offense of transporting drugs across state lines. Overall 2005 was good! Hope that you have a healthy and prosperous 2006.

Your friend,



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