Sunday, January 15, 2006

Why Jimi B. Full Throttle?

My name is Jim Billingsley and when I was growing up in Lemoore, California kids always called me Jimmy. That worked in elementary school but when I got to high school I became Jim. Jim became the adult part of me while Jimmy my Inner Child got buried. This blog is my attempt to bring Jimmy back. Why Jimi? I always loved Jimi Hendrix one of the most creative guitarist/songwriter/performers that ever lived. Jimi Hendrix always lived his creative life full throttle.

From a Jimi Hendrix website: “Not only a master at the guitar, Hendrix was also a lyrical genius. His words are full of creative images and sounds, that paint a wounderful picture in your imagination.”

My hope for this blog is that I start living my creative life full throttle and that my words here are full of creative images that paint a humorous picture in your imagination. I welcome your feedback and comments….

Hopefully I won’t get comments like: Are you deluded wanting to create Hendrix like creative images on your blog. Answer: I want to be inspired by the moon and stars I didn’t say that’s where I am now.

You MUST be from California writing about your Inner Child. Answer: I can be sensitive at times but I haven’t seen “Broke Back Mountain” and I played football and baseball in high school.


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