Wednesday, October 12, 2011

THE INNER GAME… I like playing golf except when I’m playing poorly which until lately was most of the time. My eighty five year old clients were beating me. Then I decided to take the game into my own hands and start practicing. I’m like most baby boomers. I think I don’t need to practice. I just want to show up at the course and shoot par. Why should I have to put in long hours of practice? Before I rarely broke 100 and was very frustrated but I was only playing 4-6 times a year. How could I expect to get better? Then I decided to read the “Inner Game of Golf” by Tim Gallwey and do what it said. The best quote in the book is “relaxed concentration is the key to excellence in all things.” I bought some new inexpensive Wilson clubs and started playing once a week. My score has never been above 100 since then and last week I shot 85. Practice does work. It always amazes me that if I put in the time my life can get better. I’m grateful to the “Inner Game of Golf” and my new enjoyment of practice. I no longer fear playing golf with my 85 year clients.


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