Sunday, January 29, 2012

Writing a blog sometimes feels an albatross (a. a constant worrisome burden. b. web-footed bird). I especially have trouble thinking of topics to write about. My friend Jill suggested that I peruse (to read or examine typically with great care) the dictionary for ideas. I have an American Heritage Dictionary that has 2134 pages. I’m still in the A’s. I like the dictionary because it seems to have every word in the English language. It also has pictures of famous people. My 3 favorite A’s are Bud Abbott of Abbott & Costello. I loved their “Whose on First” routine. Hank Aaron is listed as the all time home run leader as it should be. Kareem Abdul Jabbar is listed as the all time leading scorer in the NBA. I admire (to regard with pleasure, wonder, and approval) all three. I have to admit (to permit to enter) that finding topics can to tough even in the dictionary. I don’t want to seem airy fairy (as speculative, visionary, and flimsy as to lack all substance, purpose, and practicality) about all this. I always hope that my next blog will be the best yet. Next time I should write about the web-footed bird instead of the burden.


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