Sunday, January 15, 2012

Changing the Calendar—I don’t know if you’ve heard but there is talk about changing the calendar so that holidays would be on the same day every year. It seems pretty boring and rote to me. I think that we need a more radical change. It seems to me that most people are trying to avoid work as much as possible. They take off two to three days on both sides of a holiday. When they are working they come in late and leave early. The country’s work ethic seems to be quickly dissolving. I’m very codependent so if I was in charge of changing the calendar I would change all the days to Saturdays and Sundays with one Friday a week thrown in for work. Every week would be Saturday, Sunday, Saturday, Sunday, then Friday, Saturday, Sunday. People could then have most of their time off and be able to sleep in almost every day. Churches would prosper because they would have 3 days to collect. On Friday people would get lots done. They would be focused, rested, and creative. This is my proposal when I’m put in charge of changing the calendar.


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