Sunday, February 25, 2007

When I was in college I wasn’t that experienced with women but finally in my 2nd year I had a few dates with a girl named Lynn. I had never had the experience of “parking” so one Saturday night Lynn agreed to go parking with me. I had asked one of the guys on my baseball team the best place to go. He said that he always got “lucky” by this big oak tree on a dirt road two miles out of town. I was very naïve so I thought if it would good if we started off with some conversation about philosophy and religion. All of a sudden there was a huge downpour of rain. It must have rained 2-3 inches in a matter of 10 minutes. Lynn said that she was a little worried about all the rain and that she would like to leave. I grudgingly agreed. I started my car and put it in “drive” to leave and soon realized we were stuck in the mud. After discussing for awhile the embarrassing moments that we had in life we decided to walk back into town once the rain let up. The walk was a mess and I didn’t feel that “lucky”. It took us quite awhile to get back to town but we became friends on the way. The moral of the story is that “adversity can become your friend...”


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