Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Story --Jim Dean was a fun, outgoing guy who was very lovable at times and then other times he would become a screaming lunatic when he got caught in traffic on the Los Angeles freeways. His neighbor Fred Burns was more of an introvert that spent his days reading books and writing in his journal. He had many journal entries about Jim. Fred was the neighborhood kook that no one could figure out but there seemed to be something a bit off in his “psychic connection to the earth plane” as Jim sarcastically told all the other neighbors that would listen to him. The two neighbors rarely spoke but on Christmas week each year they would give each other a half-harded wave. Fred was still upset from the year that Jim had passed him in the grocery store and said “hey Bud, how are you.” That is so condescending. Jim knew his name from the small AA meetings that had attended together for a few weeks in 2002 and Fred’s name was on his mail box in front of his house. “Bud Smud, someday I’ll show that creep",Fred often thought to himself…


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