Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Fictitious Story--Many people felt that it was strange that she spent so much time sitting in a tree but Mary loved being a bird watcher. She could name 15 different varieties of wrens and when she turned 22 she became a forest ranger in Yosemite National Park. It was a quiet yet stimulating existence because she loved bird watching so much and spent her time off watching them. When she retired in 1992 she became the President of the Lodi Audubon Society and once went on the Tonight Show and Johnny Carson had her do bird calls for five minutes. Ed McMahon was so excited that he had a two year affair with her and they would have secret rendezvous’ at the Waunakee Lodge in Yosemite and she would do bird calls while they were having sex. She had an unfortunate accident in 2001 when she fell out of a tree when she thought she spotted a red breasted finch. It turned out to be a pigeon. After that Ed McMahon had little to do with her. Was she that professional if she couldn’t tell a pigeon from a red breasted finch? She felt cheated by life and she died a bitter, broken woman in 2004…


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